Pinch Pleat Drapery

From: $298.70

The pinch pleat is a classic pleat that’s timeless.

Drapery pins included with the drapery. You’ll need drapery rings that match your drapery pole, or just loop the included pins through your traverse rod track.

All our custom draperies can be made 60 to 160 inches long.


  • Tailored with handmade details to your exact liking.
  • Blind-stitched side and bottom hems. All are double hems to give your drapery the proper structure without any visible stitches.
  • Floating bottom hem with sewn-in metal drapery weights on each side so that the drapery can drape correctly at the bottom.
  • Premium lining already included in price.
  • Felt interlining optional as a fully separate lining layer. No 2-in-1 linings.
  • Patterns are carefully matched across seams for wide draperies.
  • Several embellishment options to create a truly unique and highly customizable drapery.