Long gone are the days of dated, flowery swags for your kitchen windows to go with overly carved out oak cabinets.

Modern, clean lines are in. So are creams and whites to coordinate with kitchen cabinets and grays and cold blues to coordinate with modern cabinet handles and appliances. And our faux shade valances check off all those requirements in today’s kitchens.

Here are a few colors and styles that commonly go with recently remodeled kitchens.


Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combination, so it’s no surprise that it’s still popular nowadays. More black creates a more modern kitchen and a greater “wow” factor, while more white in the color balance creates a more open, airy space, and gives the illusion of a larger kitchen.



Modern dot stripes in a black base cloth. Find this style here.


Blue and White

Blue is all the rage nowadays, especially when combined with white. Creamy off-white, and white with a dash of a stone pigment creates a natural look (great when you want your window treatment to frame a beautiful outside view of nature).

Darker blues tend to be more modern and are usually found with bold, geometric patterns. Lighter blues are more often found in patterns that are transitional, like medallions and subtle florals.



Small-scale pattern in various hues of blue. Find this style here.



Modern diamond pattern on a washed print in dark blue. Find this style here.


Gray and White (and Natural/Ivory)

As much as the word ‘greige’ has been overused, the fact remains that most open kitchens are still following a neutral color palette of gray or greige.

So of course, gray window treatments are popular. Combined with white, they continue the popular look of open, air living spaces. And interestingly, it’s common to see a cool gray combined with a natural, ivory, and light brown accent color.



Large leaf pattern in a watercolor gray design. Find this style here.



Solid natural on a heavyweight linen blend fabric. Find this style here.


Modern Farmhouse Checks

Checks and plaids are still in because they’re so clean and simple. Windowpane checks tend to be more subtle, while buffalo plaids can introduce a bit more color to a room.

There is no rule on which color to choose here. Our customers choose all sorts of colors, from neutral gray and cream, to cheery yellows, to dark shades of black, blue, green and brown. Although, we admit, we’re seeing less orange and red in today’s kitchens.



Dark blue windowpane check slubbed cotton. Find this style here.



Corn yellow and white large check. Find this style here.


Ticking Stripes

Ticking stripes are still popular. They’re just the right way to introduce color to a room without bringing too much focus on a pronounced fabric pattern. And, they’re not just for country kitchens anymore. They do just fine next to modern brass hardware and shaker cabinets.



Small ticking stripe in red and white. Find this style here.


Oversized Floral Medallions

Floral medallions are popular nowadays, especially when printed on a clean white or ivory base. They can range from traditional and grandiose, to modern and simplistic, to busy and tribal patterns.



Oversized, traditional floral medallions in gray and off white. Find this style here.



Large floral medallions in French blue and white. Find this style here.


Modern Trim

Grosgrain trim is a common upgrade to window treatments in today’s kitchens, and so are embroidered tapes. The most common trim colors we see are white and navy blue. Whichever color your choose for the trim, the key is to create a bold contrast to the home decor fabric used.



Linen blend geometric scrolls in pewter, with white grosgrain trim. Find this style here.


White solid cotton, embellished with French blue embroidered tape at the bottom.


Want more ideas? See our full selection of faux shades. Or, you can take a look at some more kitchen valance ideas as well.